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“Each of us has strengths that make us unique and valuable. How well you succeed depends on how you build on your strengths and work on your limitations”. Chineese Proverb/Swamy Vivekananda.

We have a wide variety of assessment tools to help you identify your strengths and unique abilities and guide you in choosing a career that is right for you.

What these assessments do, is they organize your attributes, strengths, likes and dislikes in a meaningful way into four buckets:


Each one of us is good at something. What we are good at differs from person to person. Some of us are good at numbers, some at using words, some in arts and some in science. When you choose a career in an area where you have an aptitude, you will find that you will be good at your work.


No two people are alike. Some of us are logical thinkers, some are emotional decision makers, some are risk takers, some more conservative, some like working with people and others don’t. All of these traits have a bearing on how we work and in turn on our success in our chosen careers. If there is a good fit between personality and the kind of work we do, we tend to be happy and reach the highest position in the chosen field.


This indicates your capabilities. Here we map the skills you have in communication, critical thinking, analytical skills etc. This indicates how well you will be able to get a particular job done.


Identifying the area of your interest is important in choosing the right career. It will ensure that you enjoy the work and when you do what you like, you will find that you will be good at it too.

Here our Managing Director Mr. U. Loka Ramakrishna is having the great experience in career counseling, He will council the candidate in all respects.

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